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Eyelash Neon Sign

Warm White
Lemon Yellow
Deep Pink
Deep Blue
Tropical Blue
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If you want to create a focal point in your store, you should consider buying this neon sign for your front window. This sign is made with a plastic frame and it can be mounted to any wall. The sign is illuminated by a long-lasting neon tube. The neon sign is available in several colors. The most popular colors are pink, blue, and green.
With the beautiful and eye catching design, this neon sign will be a great addition to any room in the house. This neon sign is perfect for those who are looking for a decorative piece that is both fun and functional.

If you would like to place a bulk order ,please contact us by email [email protected] for more details and discounts.


Standard Color

Standard sign, choose 1 color (10 different options on site)

Vibrant, single color light - supplied with dimmer to increase/decrease brightness and also control flashing patterns


Multi Color

You could use a remote to control to show one color at a time, because of the three primary colors, it could be any color you want; or you could turn it into 7 colors rotating change mode.

Vibrant light, supplied with remote to change color, increase/decrease brightness and also control flashing patterns.


Full Color

21+ different colors in one sign, which can be simultaneously displayed at the same time in 100+ preset digital patterns

Can also display single color

Vibrant light, supplied with remote to change digital pattern and color, and also increase/decrease brightness


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