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Cowboy Boost Neon Sign

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A "Cowboy Boot" neon sign is a decorative lighting piece featuring the shape of a cowboy boot, made from illuminated neon lights. The sign is typically made from LED light, bent and shaped into the form of a cowboy boot, and powered by an electrical transformer. The sign is often used as a fun and playful decorative element in homes, bars, or commercial spaces, adding a pop of bright color and a unique touch to the room's decor. The "Cowboy Boot" neon led signs are a nod to the Western cultural heritage and are a popular way to express a love of the Wild West. Besides, the neon sign is elementary to install and a switch can turn the LED light on and off.

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Standard Color

Standard sign, choose 1 color (10 different options on site)

Vibrant, single color light - supplied with dimmer to increase/decrease brightness and also control flashing patterns


Multi Color

You could use a remote to control to show one color at a time, because of the three primary colors, it could be any color you want; or you could turn it into 7 colors rotating change mode.

Vibrant light, supplied with remote to change color, increase/decrease brightness and also control flashing patterns.


Full Color

21+ different colors in one sign, which can be simultaneously displayed at the same time in 100+ preset digital patterns

Can also display single color

Vibrant light, supplied with remote to change digital pattern and color, and also increase/decrease brightness


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