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Neon Car Sign for Business Use

The neon car sign is an advertising sign that uses neon lighting to display a business's name or logo. These signs were first developed in the early 20th century and quickly became popular advertising for businesses, particularly car dealerships. Neon car signs have continued to be used by some businesses, particularly those that want to maintain a retro or vintage aesthetic. These signs are often seen as a nostalgic throwback to a bygone era and are still appreciated by many for their unique visual appeal.

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Varieties of LED Neon Car Signs

Neon car signs often display a business’s name or logo. These signs are a popular and effective way for automotive businesses to attract customers and promote their services, particularly car dealerships. We have plenty of designs for neon car signs, including neon car wash signs, retro racing car neon signs, American dream neon car signs, etc. You could select from our hot-selling items.


LED neon car signs were energy-efficient and cost-effective, offering a comprehensive range of colors and lighting effects. Hang it on your shop’s wall, draw attention from your customers and make them stay longer. Please browse our neon car signs on our website, and select one that meets your requirements.


Car Wash with Car and Bubbles Neon Sign

A car wash with car and bubbles neon sign is a type of neon advertising sign that is commonly used by car wash businesses. These LED neon signs typically feature a neon-illuminated image of a car being washed, surrounded by bubbles, or other sudsy elements. Car wash businesses were among the first to adopt neon car wash signs.

The neon car signs were a great way to advertise the services offered by the car wash, and the brightly-colored bubbles and suds added an element of fun and excitement to the sign.


Vintage Car Neon Signs

The vintage car neon signs are often seen as a nostalgic throwback to a bygone era and are still appreciated by many for their unique visual appeal. Vintage car neon signs are a type of neon advertising sign that is designed to evoke a retro or vintage aesthetic. Businesses typically used these neon car signs in the automotive industry. These neon car signs are also usually applied to antique car store door decorations. The brightly-colored, eye-catching signs were a great way to attract attention and draw potential customers to a business.


Dinner Car 1950 Neon Sign

A car restaurant is a type of restaurant that is designed to resemble a vintage diner car or food truck. These restaurants are often outfitted with retro-themed decor and furnishings and may feature a menu of classic diner fares such as burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

Nowadays, car restaurants are popular, particularly among diners who enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere and traditional American fare. The Dinner neon car sign was a particularly popular choice, as it featured a reflective image of a vintage diner car and evoked a sense of nostalgia for the golden age of the automobile.


Make a Vehicle Stand Out for Advertising

To make a vehicle stand out for advertising with neon car signs, you can choose a neon car sign for decoration. Neon signs are known for their bright, vibrant colors, so choose a bold and attention-grabbing sign. The sign should be positioned on the vehicle in a clearly visible way to passersby. Neon signs could be on the car's sides, the front or back, or the roof. Consider adding lighting effects to the sign, such as flashing or pulsing lights, to make it even more eye-catching. Please take a look at our neon car signs.


Compared with ordinary neon lights, Premium acrylic backboards and LED flexible tube that is broader and thicker than other competitors' lights are selected for our neon signs. LED neon signs have low energy consumption and can be used long, not overheating. We have a protective layer connection line between the light tube, while other’s connection lines are exposed. Our LED neon signs will not cost you much and are highly efficient.


Development of Neon Car Signs

The development of the Neon Car Sign was made possible by the invention of neon lighting. Georges Claude first demonstrated Neon lighting at the Paris Motor Show in 1910. It was created by passing an electric current through a tube filled with neon gas, causing the gas to glow brightly. Over time, neon car signs became an iconic part of the American landscape, appearing on roadsides and storefronts across the country. They were prevalent in the 1950s and 1960s when the car industry was booming, and new car models were constantly being introduced.


A Unique Neon Car Sign as A Gift for Your Friends

If your friend is a fan of vintage or retro styles, you could consider a neon car sign with a vintage or retro aesthetic as a gift. This could be a sign that is designed to look like a classic diner car or gas station sign or a sign that features a retro font or color scheme. Our best neon lights are highly adaptable and can be used to decorate any occasion and any place.


A neon car sign on the room wall may add a unique vibe. If you find that our neon car sign collections are not diverse enough, you could try out our online design tool to help you custom your styles of neon signs. You could design it paired with our other designs, which you can browse on our website. You could design the neon car sign with a multi-color combination, making it unique and fashionable to meet your needs. You are always welcome to customize the design however your heart sees fit; we can help you to make it happen.


We will provide you with professional advice and customized neon signs to your satisfaction. We can also give you a special discount if you order in bulk. You will not regret purchasing the car neon signs from us, for the signs are of good quality with a price advantage.