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When we go shopping, can we always see many shops decorated with neon signs? Neon signs are the most popular decorations at present. They are suitable for all kinds of parties, whether they are decorated by writers or in various stores. Now people also increasingly like to use neon signs as decorations. Not only for commercial purposes, but many families also began to use neon lights as decoration. Neon signs have become a trend. Because LED neon signs are highly adaptable, there are many colors to choose from, and they can be made into any pattern.

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A Neon Sign of Good Quality

A neon sign can not only light up your shop but also serve as a good decoration to attract customers. Neon signs have high-cost performance, and long service life, and LED tubes do not consume electricity. Choosing a suitable and unique neon sign for your shop will bring good income to your business.


Using high-quality neon light to decorate your shop can improve the vibes of your shop. Our neon signs have the best quality and the best price, especially suitable for commercial use. If you order in bulk, we will also offer special discounts. Our shop and salons neon signs use the most advanced neon sign manufacturing technology. The softness of led tubes enables neon signs to be made into various patterns. It can meet the needs of all customers.


Not only do we have slogans neon signs, such as “Hello Beautiful”, “Good Vibes Only”, and “Barber And Shop”, but there are also many beautiful patterns for you to choose from. No matter what type of shop you are in, you can find satisfactory neon lights here.


If you don't know how to choose the color, we also have the multi-color option. The same neon light can change 15 colors through the remote control. The full-color option can display many different colors at the same time and can change constantly through the remote control. It can enrich your shop & salon. Just get a shop & salon neon sign to make your shop & salons shine.

Shop Neon Signs

A good-looking neon lamp as a sign to decorate your shop will surely attract many customers for you. You can also customize a neon sign for your shop. Good-looking neon signs can attract more customers for you. Or use neon signs to light up your space, makes your shop a good vibe. People will be attracted by the cool neon signs in your store. A neon sign not only can light up your shop space but can decorate your shop and make it more atmosphere. Your guests can take good photos here to attract more guests. Use a nice neon sign to make your store more atmosphere.

Special Neon Sign for Your Salon

We have a variety of neon signs of patterns for decoration, and there must be something suitable for your salon theme. Use a special LED neon sign to decorate your salon, which makes your space colorful and shining. Catch more attention. What a cool decoration the neon sign is. Suitable for various occasions and themes.


Neon lights can also be very artistic and aesthetic. It can match your salon very well. A special neon sign to make your store more atmosphere. Of course, you can also customize your own neon patterns. Decor with special neon signs will be a good choice.

Personalized Your Shop Neon Sign

If you don't want a neon sign the same as other shops, you could customize one for your store. It can be the name of your shop, logo, or even mascot, or what you want to say to customers. We can all make neon signs for you. Using such neon signs to illuminate your space will make your shop unique. Can attract more people's attention.


A special neon sign will add color to your shop and light up your space, making your shop full of a fashion vibe. The biggest feature of neon signs is their variability. Because of the soft LED tube, its shape can be varied. Not only that, but neon signs are also very colorful. Each neon sign is completely unique.

Light Up Your Shop with Neon Sign

Neon lights can not only be used as decoration but also light up your space. There are many colors to choose from, which can meet your various styles of stores. Whether dark style, gentle style, or fashionable style, there are neon signs that can be matched.


The use of LED neon signs as decoration has become popular. The reasons for people's choices are diverse choices and high adaptability. Using a special neon sign to decorate your space is definitely a good choice.


You can find all kinds of neon signs suitable for you on our website. I believe you will find it difficult to make a choice because each one looks great! You can ask our customer service department for help via email, and they are very happy to give you advice. So that you can better choose the appropriate neon signs.

Customize a Neon Sign for Your Shop

How to customize a unique cool neon sign? You just need to contact our email or fill in the Booking form on our website. Tell us about your needs, including color, pattern, size, and content. Our designers will make neon signs according to your requirements. Just customize a special neon sign for your shop or salon. Our customer service is also very excellent. If you don't know how to design, we will provide you with professional advice, and we will certainly make customized neon signs to your satisfaction.


Our neon sign is not only the best in quality but also the fastest in transportation service. You can receive the neon sign within 10 days after placing an order, which also includes the production time. With this neon sign, your shop or salon is destined to become the focus. Recently we have upgraded the process. And the transportation mode has been improved. You will receive it within 15 days of placing the order.