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Shop neon open signs for your business! Even for open signs, we have many different options here! If you’re looking for a neon open sign for your business/store, then you knew what an LED neon sign could bring to your business: to achieve the effect of visual appeal and free promotion. To do that, all you need is a neon open sign. And we‘d like to tell you that you’ve found the right place. Look no further, here we got plenty of different choices of open neon signs, different designs, colors, and even different languages. Discover more at our LED neon open sign collection now!

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LED Open Signs - Neon Light Open Sign

LED open neon signs are a great way for small businesses to attract customers and stand out in a crowded market. These signs are bright and eye-catching, making them hard to miss even from a distance. They are also energy efficient and long-lasting, which can help save on electricity costs and reduce the need for frequent replacements.


In addition to their visual appeal, LED open neon signs can also be highly effective at conveying important information to customers. Whether you want to display your business hours, sale promotions, or simply invite customers to come in and browse, an LED open neon sign can be an effective way to get your message across.


By choosing an LED open neon sign for your small business, you can create a professional and welcoming atmosphere that draws in customers and sets you apart from the competition. Whether you're a retail store, restaurant, or service-based business, an LED open neon sign can be an effective tool in helping you grow and succeed.


If you’re thinking about whether you’ll need an open sign for your business, no worries, we got you covered. We will list some of the shops and small businesses that we think open neon signs will be perfect for. Take your time and check the list below, and see if you could find the same type of business so you could decide! Are you ready? Here we go:


Boba Tea shops

Coffee shops


Vape shops


Pizza shops

Burger shops




Game centers

Retro Arcades



Business LED Neon Sign for Your Shop

To select a neon open sign for your shop, you could browse our open signs collection to discover different designs. We have many different designs for LED neon open signs, different colors, fonts, languages, and so on. No matter whether you choose from our collection or you decide to customize your own sign, we are pretty sure this sign will give your business a nice advertisement, and there will be more passengers stopping by your shop because of this photo-worthy backdrop. And when they post their photos on social media, it would be another free advertisement for you. So why not get a business sign for your shop? Check out our LED open signs collection and get yours now!


Custom LED Neon Open Signs

To get the most special for your sign, we suggest you could check our customized tools. You can design your LED neon sign in any form, for example, pure text business neon signs, pure pattern/logo business neon signs, or you could combine texts and patterns together as one neon sign. Haven’t got any idea for your custom neon signs yet? No worries, here we could give you some suggestions: you could put your shop/company name, your contact number, your address, and your logo on it, all the information people will need. You could even put a minimalist picture to show your business types, like clothes or food.


Efficiency and low maintenance

LED flex tube neon sign has more advantages than you thought. Let us tell you more about it. In the aspect of appearance design, the LED flex tube has more possibilities than the traditional neon glass tube. Due to its flexibility, you could make almost everything you want into LED neon signs, with less cost and more usage time. With LED flex open neon signs, you could even do free promotions for your shop. LED neon sign has another advantage of high efficiency and low maintenance. Basically, all you need to do is to hang your LED neon sign on the wall and there it is, no extra maintenance needed. If you want a neon sign, LED neon signs would be your perfect choice.


Benefits of Open Neon Signs

Hang a glowing open neon sign on the window of your shop, passengers will be attracted to your shop. Once they stay longer, they will be more likely to shop and become your customers. That’s what a small open neon sign could bring you. Every day when your shop opens, turn on the open neon sign, it will soon become your shop’s signature. This LED neon sign will not cost you much because the LED lighting is very efficient. Turn it off when you close the shop, it won’t even overheat after a day's work!


What about Closed Neon Signs?

We think if you like your open neon sign, you will soon want a closed neon sign for your shop too. When your shop’s closed, turn off the open neon sign and turn on the closed neon sign. Let this neon sign glows even at night, it will surely make your shop the most special one on the street, without having to worry about overheating and cost. But hang a closed neon sign or not, it totally depends on you! You could even design your own closed neon sign for your shop.


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  • Durability: Our LED neon sign is more durable, the LED flex tube is wider and thicker than regular products
  • Wire protection: For the connection line between the led tube, we wrap a protective layer on it, while other regular products' connection lines are exposed
  • CE Certified: All electrical accessories in our products are CE certified
  • Backboard: we use the real acrylic backboard, while some other regular products use PS backing which is less durable