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Neon sign has come a long way since it was invented in the 19th century and has found its way into all areas of contemporary art. Neon signs adorn the city day and night as a popular medium for commercial signs. By the 1960s, perhaps inspired by Pop art, artists were using neon signs for sculptures and staged public interventions. Here, you can also design your own LED neon sign, create an LED neon artwork for yourself and you can hang this piece of art anywhere you like. Check out our Design Your Own Sign page and start to design yours!

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The Evolution of Neon Art

LED Neon Signs is originally a medium used for advertising and storefront signage, there was a shift in thinking in the 1960s when visionary artists began experimenting with neon lighting. These avant-garde artists transformed a low-culture commercial mechanism into a powerful artistic medium by associating it with the vulgar commercial signs of the city. Their sculptures explore the intersection between light, color, and space; As well as pop culture imagery, consumerism, and various themes related to contemporary living environments.


LED Neon Art

LED neon art is a form of artistic expression that uses LED neon lights as a medium. It can take many forms, including wall-mounted pieces, free-standing sculptures, and installations. One of the benefits of LED neon art is that it is highly customizable. LED neon lights can be cut into any shape and made in a variety of colors, allowing artists to create unique and eye-catching pieces. LED neon art can also be programmed to change color or animate, adding an extra level of dynamism to the piece.


LED neon art is also energy-efficient and has a long lifespan compared to traditional neon art, which is made with glass tubes. This makes it a more sustainable and cost-effective medium for artists. LED neon art has gained popularity in recent years, with many artists and galleries showcasing LED neon pieces. It is often used to create striking visual displays, add a modern touch to spaces, and make a statement. Check out our online sign maker tool.


LED neon art is a vibrant and innovative form of artistic expression that combines the use of technology with traditional neon art techniques. It offers endless possibilities for creativity and can add a unique and visually appealing element to any space.


Neon art is also used to improve the environment or create sentences, and neon art is a great way to liven up an office space or decorate the walls of your home.

It can be a simple word or phrase or it can be an image. You can hang your LED neon sign directly on the wall, or it can be combined with other materials such as wood, grass, acrylic, or metal backing to help it stand out.


The art of neon allows for a wide variety of artistic expression, and neon artists are sculptors of light. It allows people to express themselves.

Originally limited to lighting signs on streets, but now, at illusionneon, everyone can easily become a neon artist. Check out our Aesthetic neon signs collection. If you can’t find anything you’re interested in, all you need to do is to write sentences or draw pictures, and we will help you design and produce your idea as LED neon signs.


Variety of Styles for Everyone

Here we have many different types of aesthetic neon signs for your option: Butterflies, female figures, word art, flowers, etc. Take a look at our aesthetic neon signs collection, we are sure you can find what you love. Besides our hot-selling pre-design aesthetic neon signs, you could also design your own aesthetic art with any image you like.

Neon Aesthetic Art

Shop our glowing aesthetic neon sign, get yourself a stunning word neon sign, or quotes that you love, and hang it on your wall to create a vibe. Check out some of our most popular neon signs: “Love Ya Self”, ”Live Love Surf”, and ”Female Figure”, you could put these on the wall of your home, living room, and bedroom. If you’re interested in more inspirational quotes on neon signs, check out our Inspirational Quote Neon Signs collection.

Neon Lighting

If you think neon signs could only be used on walls and decoration, now we are offering more possibilities to you. You could also get a neon sign as lighting for your spaces. You can put it on the wall, on a desk, on the floor, or hang it on a shelf. Or you could get the neon sign in an acrylic box or base, then you could put it anywhere you want and use it as lighting and decoration at the same time.

Show Your Attitude with LED Neon Signs

LED neon signs could not only be a good decoration, but also a nice way to show your attitude, and make your statement. To do that, we recommend our online design tool to you. Our online design tool could help you to create anything on your mind into a glowing neon sign: Quotes, funny phrases, sayings, handwriting, printing, images... A special custom neon sign would be a perfect gift for someone special to you. For your personal space, you could make a neon sign with your favorite singer or brand name(take this “The 1975” neon sign as an example), a song(check this “Crazy little thing called love” neon sign), and lyrics, sure you could choose the colors and font you like for it.


Whatever you got in your mind, feel free to tell us, and we could help bring your idea to life according to your desire. Even if it’s an old picture, we could help you design and turn it into artwork. Got any ideas? Let us know now, we are happy to send you your masterpiece that you’ll be proud of.