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Get a stunning neon sign for your special day! Our wedding neon signs collection has different options for quotes, colors, fonts, and images. Choose yours to make a great addition to your wedding day. A Wedding neon sign adds warmth touching to your wedding, meanwhile, this lighted piece of art offers a corner for your guest to take photos. Light up your wedding day with an “initial + initial” or “name + name” neon sign.

Don’t want a pre-design neon wedding sign? You could make it special with our online design tool to customize your own wedding sign.

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Wedding Decor – LED Neon Wedding Signs

Ready to check your wedding checklist? Here we go: purchase engagement rings, make a guest list, hire vendors, decide your wedding theme, select the venue, hire ceremony musicians, take engagement photos, buy a wedding dress, hair and makeup trial, choose your wedding cake, write your vows, send invites, create seating list... AND buy a neon wedding sign! That’s right, select your neon signs as they are a must-buy item for your wedding light-up decorations, or customize it by choosing the color and font you like.


If you need some advice for the neon wedding sign, we got your back. Below is a list of our hot-selling neon wedding signs, see what’s trendy or get some custom ideas from it. Put a neon sign on the reception walls and add a warm light to it, it could be a perfect addition to your wedding backdrops.

Love You

Love Heartbeat

You don’t know how lovely you are

Retro LOVE

Love in Heart

Above All, Love


Love is Free

I love you, I know

All you need is love

Love is Love

You are so loved

Crazy in love

Love Lives Here

It’s Love

Drunk in love

Love You More

Wedding Altar

Kanji Love

PS I Love You

Promise Finger

Let love win

Hands Love


All the Love

Love makes the impossible possible

I love you most


Love Grows Here

Pray love

Love made us do it

Wedding double happiness Chinese Character


Wedding Rings

Love Rainbow

Mr Love Mrs

Love Gun

Love Wins

With Love

Love Heart Finger


Name + Name

Love Heart

This is Love

Initial + Initial

You Love Me

Everlasting Love

Just Married

Two souls one love

It’s a love story

The love calendar



Quality Neon Wedding Signs

We offer plenty of options for your neon wedding signs, our newlywed customers love our “Crazy in love”, “Drunk in love” and “All the love” neon signs the most. You could also make your family names into your wedding sign, and hang it on the wedding ceremony backdrop, initial + initial would also be a good choice too. What’s even better, you could combine different elements for a new sign, making it special and meaningful!


Through all the preparation of your wedding, venues, dress, music, and food might be the most privileged things you consider, but don’t miss out on the lighting which is also too important! The right lighting could keep your wedding party going smoothly even at night, and light up your venue. An LED neon wedding sign at a night wedding party will surely make your photos right and leave you a perfect lifetime memory.


Outdoor Neon Wedding Signs

We believe that the outdoor wedding is one of the most popular wedding trends these days, therefore, we offer a waterproof function for your outdoor weddings. It won’t add limitations to the design you could choose, any signs we could add a waterproof function to it. Please let us know before placing the order if you need your neon sign used outdoors and waterproof, email us anytime and our customer service team is here to help!


Neon Wedding Signs for Your Venue

Wanna get a neon wedding sign but are not sure where to add this lighting decor? We got some ideas for places to keep light for your special day: for reception tables and ceremony backdrop, you could add name+name custom wedding signs; for the dance floor and photo booth, you could add a quote or phrase neon sign; for the bar, lounge areas and cocktail tables, you could add a bar neon sign; for food station backdrop and dessert table, you could add a restaurant neon sign... Still couldn’t make up your mind? Let us know and we’re happy to give you more advice!


Customize Neon Wedding Sign

Whether you are looking for one neon wedding sign for your own wedding, or you are looking for a stunning wedding gift, our neon wedding sign would be a good choice for it. Custom a quote or funny phrase to get the most personalized wedding gift!


Neon wedding signs have become a popular addition to modern wedding decor. These bright, eye-catching LED neon signs add a touch of whimsy and personality to the big day, and can be customized to fit the theme and style of the wedding.


One of the benefits of choosing a neon wedding sign is the ability to personalize it to your liking. From the font and color to the shape and size, there are endless options to make the sign unique to your special day. You can choose a classic cursive font for a romantic touch, or opt for a bold sans-serif font for a more modern look. The color of the neon can also be customized to match your wedding palette or to stand out as a statement piece. Besides the visual elements, you can also customize the wording on your neon wedding sign. Whether it's a quote or phrase that holds special meaning to you and your partner, or a playful message to add a touch of fun to the celebration, the options are endless.


There are many ways to incorporate a neon wedding sign into your big day. It can serve as a backdrop for your ceremony or reception, or be used to guide guests to different areas of the venue. You can even hang it above the dance floor for a fun and energetic atmosphere.


Customizing a neon wedding sign is a great way to add a personal touch to your special day. With endless customization options, you can create a sign that perfectly reflects your style and personality as a couple. Whether it's a romantic quote or a playful message, a neon wedding sign is sure to make your wedding stand out and be remembered by all.