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Honeycomb Bee Neon Sign

Warm White
Lemon Yellow
Deep Pink
Deep Blue
Tropical Blue
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This neon sign is great for any room or office and sets the mood instantly with its bright, vibrant colors. This honeycomb sign is a fun way to bring a little buzz into your room.. This neon sign is made of lightweight glass and uses energy-efficient technology. The neon light glows using minimal energy, and has a long lifespan for the best effect. It features a bee created from the repeating hexagons of the pattern, with each bee taking on iconic poses. This neon sign would make a great gift for anyone who loves bees, insects or retro decorating.

If you would like to place a bulk order ,please contact us by email [email protected] for more details and discounts.


Standard Color

Standard sign, choose 1 color (10 different options on site)

Vibrant, single color light - supplied with dimmer to increase/decrease brightness and also control flashing patterns


Multi Color

You could use a remote to control to show one color at a time, because of the three primary colors, it could be any color you want; or you could turn it into 7 colors rotating change mode.

Vibrant light, supplied with remote to change color, increase/decrease brightness and also control flashing patterns.


Full Color

21+ different colors in one sign, which can be simultaneously displayed at the same time in 100+ preset digital patterns

Can also display single color

Vibrant light, supplied with remote to change digital pattern and color, and also increase/decrease brightness


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