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Steel Marquee Letter Red Arrow High-End Custom Zinc Metal Marquee Light Marquee Sign

Warm White
Lemon Yellow
Deep Pink
Deep Blue
Tropical Blue
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If you'd like to inquire about custom requests or bulk order details, please feel free to contact us any time via email: [email protected], we will respond to you as soon as possible.



[CE Certificated]All products are CE certificated.

[Short Delivery Time]Short delivery time, regular delivery time is 7 working days, ensure delivery on time, not to miss your important occasion.

[After-sales service]If your products appear in the use of non-human damage, e.g. light bulb burns out, please feel free to contact us to deal with replacement, we have 24-hour online customer service.

[Large Size for Special Event]4ft and 5ft height marquee letters, the large size marquee letters are perfect for special events like weddings, proposals, birthdays & anniversaries, celebrations, corporate events, etc.

[Convenient Shopping Experience]A more convenient shopping experience: You can enter all the letters of the letter light on the product page and get the quotation directly, you no longer need to buy letter lights separately.

[Remote Control & Various Color Mode]Instead of a marquee letter light with a single warm white bulb, we have eight colors and three color patterns to choose from. Equipped with remote control bulb light switch, color change, brightness, timing.

[Waterproof & Durability]Our marquee letter light adopts galvanizing sheet with good technology. The thickened spray paint can better prevent metal rust and ensure durability. High-quality waterproof performance, outdoor use reliability is very high.

[Specification & Optional Font]Letters and numbers, there are 7 fonts to choose from, and even customers can specify a font of their choice to customize. Height: 1ft - 5ft, thickness: 3” - 5“ (8cm-13cm), width varies. Made with metal, use waterproof outlets, no batteries required.

[Unique Design with Metal Shell]White metal marquee letters, different from normal small-size plastic marquee letters. You can freely combine the words and light them up for your special events. Compared with plastic shell marquee letter lights products, our products are made of metal(Galvanized sheet), which has a better texture and seems more high-end.

  • CE Certificated

  • Well-protected Packaging

  • Water Resistant

  • Outdoor/indoor Use

  • Easy Connect


Packaging & Delivery

Metal sign letters packing

1. Wrapped with protective film

2. Packaged with vacuum bubble

3. Inner with the high-quality foam and plastic, outer with the wooden box




Do your products stand on their own?

Yes, our products have built-in and concealed bases, which allow them to stand on their own.

Can I use your products outside?

Yes, they can be used outside. Our products have excellent waterproof function.

How many outlets are needed to power the lights?

Just one outlet is needed, as the lights plug into each other and then into an outlet.

Do the light bulbs get hot after continuous use?

No, the light bulbs do not get hot, but they do get a bit warm like all light bulbs.

What happens if one of the lightbulbs burns out?

Our lightbulbs are all tested prior to installation to ensure quality, but if one does burn out, we always provide additional bulbs and show the customer how to replace them if needed.





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