ON AIR RED Custom Neon Sign

Warm White
Lemon Yellow
Deep Pink
Deep Blue
Tropical Blue
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  • Free Control Remote & Dimmer (values $30)
  • Free Hanging Wire Kit (values $15)
  • Free Wall Mounting Kit (values $15)
  • 3 different hanging methods with video guide
  • Lifetime: LED neon sign has a lifetime of 5-10 year
  • Warranty: We offer a 2-year warranty for neon sign orders
  • Hey there, radio jockeys and podcasters - are you ready to bring some laughs to your show? Look no further than the ON AIR RED Custom Neon Sign!

    With its bold and bright design, this sign is the perfect way to add a touch of humor to your broadcast. Hang it in your studio, use it as a unique addition to your streaming setup, or even gift it to your fellow hosts who could use a little more personality - they'll appreciate the playful reminder to keep the energy high.

    And let's not forget the fun factor - the ON AIR RED sign's quirky design will bring a smile to your face and keep your listeners entertained. Made from high-quality materials and powered by long-lasting LED lights, this sign is built to last and keep you broadcasting with style and humor for years to come.

    So if you're ready to add some laughter and personality to your show, order your ON AIR RED Custom Neon Sign for sale today and get ready to entertain your audience like never before!

    If you would like to place a bulk order ,please contact us by email info@illusionneon.com for more details and discounts.


    Standard Color

    Standard sign, choose 1 color (10 different options on site)

    Vibrant, single color light - supplied with dimmer to increase/decrease brightness and also control flashing patterns


    Multi Color

    You could use a remote to control to show one color at a time, because of the three primary colors, it could be any color you want; or you could turn it into 7 colors rotating change mode.

    Vibrant light, supplied with remote to change color, increase/decrease brightness and also control flashing patterns.


    Full Color

    21+ different colors in one sign, which can be simultaneously displayed at the same time in 100+ preset digital patterns

    Can also display single color

    Vibrant light, supplied with remote to change digital pattern and color, and also increase/decrease brightness