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Light Up Your Space with A Neon Sign Blue Print

The blue neon sign inside and the urban neon lights outside will create a fantastic night scene. The cold blue light will pull our impetuous hearts instantly calm down.

Have you ever thought about choosing blue neon signs to make your space shining and lively? Competition for attention is the bottom logic of all commercial activities. Understanding how businesses compete for attention can help you grasp the essence of modern commercial competition. In this battle for attention, blue would be a good choice. We believe you will not regret choosing a blue neon sign to light up your space! Please browse our website to choose one that meets your requirements.

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Customize Your Neon Sign

We offer plenty of styles for blue neon signs for you. Suppose you could not find patterns with blue neon designs from our product lists that meet your requirements. Then, You could design a neon sign yourself; we can customize it for you. Choose us; we will bring you the best customer service and the best neon signs. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or fill in the Booking form on our website.


Tell us about your needs, including pattern, size, and content. If you don't know how to design, we will provide you with professional advice and make customized neon signs to your satisfaction. Due to its flexibility, you could make almost everything you want into LED blue neon signs with less cost and more usage time. We will provide you with excellent products and the most satisfactory after-sales service.


The Best Neon Sign for Your Space

Using high-quality blue neon signs to adorn your space can improve the vibes of your shop or room. Here is some superiority of our neon signs for your reference. We use the highest quality materials, safe and steady packaging, 1-year warranty.


Our LED neon signs are made of LED flex neon tubes, which are broader and thicker than other competitors' neon signs, and they will not overheat, crack or leak gas. We have a protective layer for the connecting wires between the LED tubes, and the connecting cables of other companies are exposed. All electrical accessories in our products have passed CE certification. We use solid acrylic as the backboard, while some other companies use the PS backplane, which is not very durable. There are many beautiful patterns for you to choose from. We deem that you can find satisfactory neon lights here.


Design a Unique Blue Neon Sign

Don’t you want to have a specific blue neon sign? In many exhibition halls, art galleries, cafes, science and technology museums, etc., we can all see blue neon signs with different patterns, art font body ethereal, fantastic world. Blue neon lights in dazzling at the same time to give quiet; even if it is used in the corner of the ceiling, it becomes a more vital atmosphere embellishment element, letting people produce the feeling of the future and reality interlace. Make some changes to the pre-design neon signs, which would be specific neon signs that belong to you.


Multi-color combination with Blue Print

Want to make your blue neon sign different? Using our online design tool to custom your neon sign. You could combine another color with a new blue neon sign, making it unique and meaningful! For instance, blue gives people tranquility, stability, loyalty, and eternity, injecting red, which seems to have vitality and excitement to become the happiest and warm blue atmosphere.


Blue with Purple may show a bright, cheerful attitude and energetic style, which can inspire people to have more courage to be creative and bold in their imagination. Different tinct contrast combinations can create colorful, dazzling, bright, lively, solemn, and elegant. Please take a look at our collection and find more! There is a “dual colors” item for your reference. Having a unique neon sign will definitely make your space shine! 


Blue LED Neon Signs for Various Occasions

Our neon sign products are of good quality and do not consume electricity. It is suitable for home use. Kid-safe, economical, and ecologically friendly, so it is also equal for kids' rooms. Adding some pretty neon signs to their room will make it cozier. Our LED neon sign has low energy consumption and a long lifespan. Easy to install, low maintenance, and easy to carry. You can put it on the wall, a desk, or the floor, or hang it on a shelf. Or you could get the neon sign in an acrylic box or base; then you could put it anywhere you want and use it as lighting and decoration simultaneously.


Therefore, there are no occasions that neon lights cannot decorate. Any pattern, sentence, and logo can be customized for you. No matter what kind of occasion you are decorating, you can find the appropriate neon signs here. If you want to light up your open sign of shops with blue neon signs, contact us, and we can help you turn it into a piece of art.


Adding Color and Trendiness to Your Space

Blue LED Neon signs adorn the city day and night as a popular medium for commercial signs. The brilliant characteristics of neon signs are the best tool to decorate the interior space. Choosing neon signs on our website adds color and trendiness to your shop, room, party, etc. You can receive the neon sign within ten days after placing an order, including the production time. This LED neon sign will not cost you much because the LED lighting is very efficient. If you order in bulk, we can give you an appropriate discount. Our price is lower than those of our competitors. It is sensible that you shop the neon signs on us.